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More Tips for Military Families with Teens – #190

Appreciate Your Teen – #190

I get that the title for this tip might cause some eyebrow raising as on a good day they can send you to the nut farm but teens really do need to feel valued and appreciated.  Some days you may have to dig deeper than others to find things that you appreciate…

Everyone needs to feel validated, important, useful and appreciated by family and friends.  Since their friends are thinking too much about their own lives to remember to validate someone else (most of the time), it is all up to you.  Take some time each day to think about something they did, will do or said that really helped you and acknowledge them for doing it.  You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.

Ways to Appreciate Your Teen:

1) Put a note in their bag or purse thanking them for something they have done recently

2) Text them “Thanks for…”

3) Give them a hug and tell them what it is for (hug in private or where they are comfortable)

4) Put a card on their pillow telling them all the things you appreciate that they do

5) Tell others about things your teen(s) has done in front of them (so they know you share with others the good and not just the bad)

6) Make them their favourite dinner and tell them about all the things you appreciate

7) Each day leave a post it note on their door, bathroom mirror or on the fridge telling them one thing you love and appreciate about them

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