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More tips for Military Families – #148

Flat Brat – Tip #148

Flat Brat TM was developed as a joint effort by Benita Koeman and Beth Allen
to bring another colorable project to military kids to help them through
You can also see their website for more information: http://www.operationwearehere.com

They developed Flat Brat TM to be gender and race neutral, and specific to
military children (aka military brats), something that would help bridge the
gap between the deployed parent and military child.

How it works:
  • Print out Flat Brat image below.
  • Have your child(ren) color Flat Brat.
  • Optional: Print on card stock paper, write on the back, laminate or apply contact paper. Consider adding a popsicle stick on the back for windy day pictures.
  • Put Flat Brat in an envelope and sent him/her on an adventure. Will Flat Brat visit a deployed parent? Or relatives who live far away? Maybe Flat Brat will visit a lonely Soldier who doesn’t receive a lot of mail.
  • Be sure that Flat Brat’s host takes pictures of his/her adventuresome trip! Where does Flat Brat sleep? Where does he/she eat? Did you share your ice cream with Flat Brat? Does Flat Brat travel in your pocket?
  • Keep a journal of Flat Brat’s adventures.
  • Ask Flat Brat to send a post card or other keepsakes of his/her travels
  • Include photos of Flat Brat’s adventures

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