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More Tips for Military Families – #159

Rock Messages – Tip #159

Pieces of paper can get lost or go missing but a rock isn’t as easy to lose or forget it is in your pocket.  One way to have a constant reminder that someone is thinking of you or loves you is to write a message on a rock.  Your child, brother, sister, mother, father, friends, spouse, etc. can then put the rock on their desk, in their purse, bag, car or pocket and it can be a physical reminder of your love and committment.  You can do this whether you are on a deployment, experiencing a reunion, move, posting or just life as a military family.  All you will need to do is buy smoothed river rocks and a permanent marker and write messages to let someone know how you feel.

Sample messages:

* You rock my world

* You are my rock

* Rock on, as only you can

* When life is rocky, think of me

* Your love rocks

* Near or far, you rock my socks off

* My love for you is rock solid

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