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More Tip for Military Families – #156

Celebrate the Curve Balls – Tip #156

Life can throw you a lot of curve balls and military life even more so.  Whether or not you are a military wife, mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, etc.  having a family member in the military ensures that life is going to throw you some curves.  I like to think of myself as someone who tries to catch a lot of the curve balls, appreciates that it isn’t easy to do and then gets ready for the next one to come my way (most of the time, of course).  You could spend your entire life letting curve balls fly right by you but I have learned the most about life and myself from these annoying, terrible, frustrating moments that I believe have made me (and my family) stronger.  I have even discovered that many of these “curves” aren’t nearly as awful as I thought they would be!

Your challenge is to now create a list of top tens about military life, deployments or a posting – whatever ‘curve’ you are experiencing or is in the near future.  Think of the good things that come from military life and remember to celebrate your successes.  I am convinced we do not spend enough time celebrating our achievements.  Out of every challenge or tough experience comes some positive things or things that you wouldn’t have learned, known or discovered about yourself or the world around you.

A Sample Top Ten on Deployment:

1) I learned how to change a tire

2) I saved money

3) I read books that had been on my shelf forever

4) I let myself laugh, cry, scream – I let myself feel

5) I learned how to wait but not wait around

6) I asked people for help and they were there for me – I discovered the support I was surrounded by

7) I made new friends

8) I learned pottery

9) I learned to have more patience

10) I taught my kids how to successfully work through stressful or difficult times

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