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More Tips for Military Families – #155

“Need To Know” Information Sheet – Tip #155

How I wish I had this list when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan!  We had a massive power failure  and I was completely unprepared and ended up stumbling around blindly trying to locate flashlights, candles, firewood, had no phone that was working (all of our phones were cordless at the time and don’t work in a power failure), and no way of getting any information after 12 hours as my cell phone died when there wasn’t a charger!

Regardless of whether or not your family member is going away, this is a great sheet to have.  Walk through the house together before they leave and post this information.  If they have left already go through your home and fill out what you can (then call friends and family to try and get the rest of the information).

** A printable copy of this can be found on our website under our resources section – “Need To Know List” **

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