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More Tips for Military Families – #154

Information for Your Fridge – Tip #153

Your fridge door probably gets seen, opened, or used more than any other area of the house by everyone in your family.  You don’t have to choose the fridge but make sure that you chose a place in your house where you can post essential and important information that everyone can find easily and use.  This should be done regardless of whether or not you are deployed, posted or lived in the same place for years.  You can’t plan emergencies or predict when you are going to need information so it is important to have it ready (with our family, whenever we have it ready to use, we never need it).

Some Good Fridge Information:

Emergency phone number contact list



Family cell phone numbers

School phone numbers

Names of family members & their numbers

Place of work & number

Location of family members during a regular work week (your schedules)

Family Support or Readiness Centre

Padre phone number

Veterinarian phone number

Numbers for a plummer, car repair, insurance rep., handyman, etc.

Names of your children’s friends and their phone numbers (cell and home)

Calendar of upcoming events

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