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More Tips for Military Families – #150

Postive Thinking Reminders – Tip #150

Make posters or even sheets of paper that could be for your fridge , bathroom door, kitchen, beside your bed or any place that you will see each morning before your day really gets into action.  The idea of the signs/poster is to get your family or yourself thinking positively and re-affirming yourselves to feel stronger and more positive before starting your day.  Each family member could have their own sign with their own list of daily sayings, postive quotes, things that they have or want to accomplish, etc.  All of the tasks on the short list (5 max.) should take only a few  minutes to complete.

Everyday tasks, While You’re Away

Compliment someone

Tell 5 people in my live that I love them

Say something I like about myself

Do something for someone else for free

Take a picture a day

Find something to laugh about

Set a goal for myself to do today

Name 5 things that I am grateful for

If you do it with your whole family, each do a list that is personalized to each family member.  The list should uplift, encourage and inspire you.  It should have positive things to think about and strive for everyday.  It can become another way of learning about each other and talking about things that you might otherwise never have talked about.

Do this whether your family is about to experience an absence or deployment or if they have come back from one.  It is never too late to start!

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