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More Tips for Military Families – #84

Time to Think of Each Other – Tip #84

It might be difficult for you to email, skype, tweet, Facebook, text or call each other during absences or deployments but no one can say you can’t choose a time each day when you are going to think of each other.  No matter where you are in the world, what time zone, situation or experience you are having you can set a time in the day where you will both take a few minutes to think of how much you love each other, miss each other and send positive thoughts of each other through space and time.  It may sound strange, but it can be really comforting.

Our kids really liked this idea too.  It was called “Daddy time”.  We would talk about what Daddy could be doing right at that moment, what he would have loved to have heard about or seen that day and knows that right now we are thinking about him (he knew the timing as well and tried to do it every day too – he said it was nice to hear the alarm go off on his watch and know he wasn’t forgotten about, that his family were thinking of him and talking about him).  This can also be something that parents can do if their child is deployed or on exercise.

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