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More Tips for When They’re Back – # 64

Short Term Goals – Tip #64

When your family member is initially home, avoid making a lot of long term goals.  Their lives during exercises and deployments have been living life day to day and avoiding thinking too far in the future at all.  They will need time to think about long term future goals.  Making short term, easy to accomplish goals both as a family and as individuals will give everyone in your family a sense of hope, possibility, purpose and accomplishment.

Some Goal Suggestions:

* Eat one meal together every day

* Send an ‘update email’ to friends and family once a week

* Have a family movie night once a week

* Clean out a room in the house in the next month

* Go out for dinner or a movie together

* Create a family ‘to do’ list of things you can do that are fun together

* Read the same book together

* Try a different cooking a different recipe each week

* Go to a de-briefing or resource centre activity

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