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More Tips for Military Families #147

Saturday or Sunday Morning  – Tip #147

It used to be that when I was alone (due to yet another deployment or exercise) I would have to really have to make the most of the quiet moments in the morning before my kids came in and jumped on the bed to tell me that they are hungry, bored, or both.  I would sigh and complain about having to get up and organize breakfast, etc. all on my own.  I would drag myself out of bed and think, resentfully, about how nice it would be to get some extra sleep for just one morning out of the entire week.

One Friday night I decided to try something different.  I had stayed up late and was dreading having to get up with the kids in the morning, so I put out cereal, muffins, layed the breakfast table and left two activity books with new packs of fancy markers beside the table.  I then took Cheerios and make a trail to the kitchen table from their room.  When I rolled over at 9am (that’s right, 9am is a big sleep in with us) I awoke to the sound of… nothing!  I walked out, initially worried something awful had happened (usually the case when they are unusually quiet) and there they both were – colouring and chomping on Cheerios.  It is now a part of our routine (minus the Cheerio trail as they stepped all over them and I had to clean that up!).  I don’t buy something new each week but I have started cycling different toys and activities so that they haven’t seen them in a while and it gives them more of a new toy feel.  This worked for the entire time my husband was deployed on Saturday mornings and when he came back we enjoyed a Saturday morning sleep in and then Sunday mornings being jumped on!

One Friday night my husband and I had a really good laugh together as we created a treasure map and hid clues around the house to keep the kids busy in the morning while we had a blissful 30min sleep in.   We hid things with a clue and they loved it.  The next Saturday the kids made one for us and we had to follow their clues.  I know this isn’t possible for kids of all ages but if your kids are young then hold onto this tip as this will happen for you one day!  I also put a lot of ground rules in before attempting it – don’t answer the door, don’t use appliances, wake me up if you have any questions (even if you think they are silly), etc.

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