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More Tip for When They’re Back – Tip #99

Be Organized – Tip #99

Being organized and ready for your family member to come home will make the transition of having them back a lot easier.  When your family member comes home there is some loss of control (for you and for them) as they will want to take back some of the roles that you have been doing, make decisions and take up space in your home and life, once again.  Being organized and on top of things gives you a greater sense of being in control of things and a greater sense of calm.


* If you have been using the area of the house that they normally use, clear it out and have it ready for them.  They need to feel like there are portions of their home where they ‘fit’ or ‘belong’.

* Organize meals for the week or month (if possible) so that it is one less thing you have to think about or spend time on.  Have these meals ready so that your returning member can choose what they want or feel like eating (if they have been on a deployment or exercise, this is something that they haven’t had the luxury of choosing)

* Sort through piles of mail that have been stacked up and prioritize it – let them take their time on the things that aren’t urgent or important

* Get ahead with emails, work and bills so that you can have at least a few days of not having to think about it – let people know that you are spending some time making family a priority

* Sit down with a calendar and your family and go over what things are essential to do and what is fun to do and what can wait

* Avoid clutter as when you feeling unsettled, uncertain or experiencing change it can be an additional source of frustration that you don’t need

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