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More Tips for Military Families – # 145

Time Capsule – Tip #145

Create a time capsule before your family member is deployed.  Put in it pictures, notes, report cards, awards, videos, etc. that will all capture where your family is right before he/she leaves.  You can each add a note about your predictions for the next year (A year from now we will…, I will have…, by the time I am reading this again I will have…, etc.).  Have a special evening or dinner when they come home to open it up and go over all of the things that are in there and the changes that have occured during the deployment.


* Decide as a family when you open it again

* Make sure everyone contributes and puts things into the capsules

* Put it in a cool, dry place that will ensure it doesn’t get ruined

* Label it carefully so it doesn’t get moved or thrown out

* Let other friends and family know you are doing it and ask if they have anything to contribute

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