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Readers Tip #8

Learning Something New While They’re Away

My wife is really good at playing cards (she loves Bridge) and really wanted me to play with her and some friends but I didn’t know how.  I was always making excuses and I think I missed out on some good evenings with our friends.  While she was away on a 6 month training course, I took Bridge lessons.  It was good to get out and meet people, I was able to surprise her when she got back and we were able to do something that was cheap, easy to organize and low stress that also meant that we spent time together.  She was really happy that I had not just sat around waiting for her to get home, broke my routine and did something for just for her.  My tip is to go out and learn something new while they are away.  Learn something that you will then be able to do together when they are back.

Grant – California, USA

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