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More Tips For When They’re Back – #103

Go Back To Dating – Tip #103

Remember those dates you had when you first started getting to know each other?  Perhaps there was a mix of mystery, nerves and excitement?  Those are the dates you have to have again.  You have changed, grown apart, had different life experiences and the world around you changed too.  It will not be enough to just share a house and bed together.

Make time in both of your schedules for a date night and do it as soon as possible after your family member returns.  Be selfish, don’t change your plans for others or give up the night to work or other obligations, feelings of guilt or even being too tired.  You will be better parents when you are more connected to each other and re-establish your relationship as a couple.

Date Tips:

* Choose something affordable, easy to get to, and that doesn’t require a lot of time or preparation

* Talk to each other about what you would like to do together and then if you can’t agree alternate weeks

* Learn something new together that you may have always talked about doing but never made the time to do

* Pick a consistent day and time and then let other people know that this is your time together and make it a priority

* Hold hands, ask each other questions, tell funny stories about things that happened when you were apart, etc.

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