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Looking for your opinions!

Please send your thoughts and comments about our latest challenge – A teen fiction book…

“Military Life Through My Eyes”

To be released: Spring 2011

Exerpt from the book:

January 1st

New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Write in new journal every day
  2. Be nicer to sister
  3. Get Mike to ask me out
  4. Get 80’s and above in every class
  5. Lose 30Lbs by Easter
  6. Get my parents to agree to move off the base and get a huge house with a pool
  7. Convince my family to all pitch in and buy me a car for my birthday
  8. Quit drinking Diet Coke – Aspartame will kill us all
  9. Exercise 5 days a week and get a butt and gut you can bounce a quarter off
  10. Appreciate what I have and quit complaining

January 2nd

What a start to the year. I love my job (today).  Jay came in to rent a movie, although that is really not the important part as Jay comes in at least once a week (sometimes a lot more) to rent some “classic” movie that was made before we were even born.  This week it was Stephen King’s “The Shinning” – crazy guy and wife try to kill each other in deserted hotel… blah, blah, blah.  The important part is that, Jay is Mike’s best friend and where I get most of my information from (he gives this valuable information away recklessly, not knowing how I feel about Mike).  Jay and I have lived on 3 of the same bases at the same time – this is practically unheard of so we decided that being friends was probably our destiny.  His parents are coming over to our place tonight to play cards.  Jay’s Dad has just gotten back from being deployed for 12 months and although he has all of his limbs and looks the same, my mother says that Jay’s Dad is not ‘coping’ well after seeing so much combat.   My Mom thinks that most people don’t ‘cope’ well with a variety of things – I don’t cope well with my annoying sister, she doesn’t cope well with my attitude, etc.  So, I take my Mom’s idea of not ‘coping’ well quite lightly but I do wonder what life would be like for us if my Dad was deployed again.  I avoid thoughts like this most of the time as it doesn’t help and only makes me crazy.

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