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Readers Tip #7

Timers – Reader’s Tip of the Week

I know that this might sound like a weird tip but it is about timers.  I think that every parent going it alone during a deployment or even a few days should have one.  When my boyfriend is at home, he will remind me that we need to go here or there, the kids have had a long enough time out and that the homework time is done or practicing the piano.  When he is deployed or with his unit and away, I am not able to keep track as easily.  I am busy doing something and we forget and then there are arguments about how long they have to work on homework, how long they have to practice piano, that we are going to be late for their football practice, etc.  This timer has saved me.  This week I burned a cake because I was busy chatting on the phone and forgot about it – if only I had used my timer!  It makes life easier and when he is away, anything that makes my life easier is a good thing!

Suzie – Brisbane, Australia

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