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More Tips for Families #138

Bad News Protocol – Tip #138

Hopefully this isn’t a protocol that will ever come into place and I am not writing it because I think the worst or that many of you are going to need it.  I am writing it for your children.  They have watched movies, heard rumours or imagined the way they would hear awful news about your family member and don’t know the facts.  When they hear news reports they begin to think maybe it is their parent or brother or nephew or neighbour and when someone at school hears a rumour that a bunch of soldiers from their area have been killed they imagine the worst.  I really had no idea how I would get bad news when my husband went on his first deployment.


* Before your family member leaves ask them to find out about how you would be notified if something awful happened

* Call the unit that your family member is in and ask what the protocol is

* Go to your local Family Readiness Centre or Military Resource Centre and ask

* Talk to families about how they got urgent information to each other during a deployment, if they had to

* Talk to your children and family members about how you would get factual information to each other once you have the answers (If I had important information to tell you I would…)

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