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Megan Recommends – Who Moved My Cheese For Teens?

Who Moved My Cheese for Teens – Spencer Johnson

Cheese is a metaphor for what you want in life.  Teens can make their way through the maze of change (life) through 4 characters and make some self discoveries along the way – about how they handle, move through and adapt to change.

Military life is filled with changes, some you see coming and a lot you don’t.  Teens have to cope with changing family structures because of training, courses or deployment, moving – new schools, friends, houses, etc.  It will be important that your teens recognize how they have handled change in the past and how they want to learn to cope or even thrive through it in the future.  Even if you feel they are good at adapting, this book will help them to recognize the struggles that others might have and be more aware and supportive of other family members or friends.

There is a younger version of this book for kids and I have had teens learn to use the younger book and then do presentations with smaller groups of younger students.  I find that the teens learn the material in a more authentic way and the younger kids listen more to the messages because they are coming from the older peers they admire and look up to.  The kids make connections and then talk about their experiences with changes and what they have learned about themselves along the way.

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