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More Tips for Families with Teens – #140

Tip # 140 – Life Lists

We all have ideas in our head about what we would like to do before we die, if we won the lottery, if we lived somewhere else, when you get married, when you graduate, etc.  Sometimes those dreams never make it past our own brain.   It is important for you to share your dreams, hopes and goals with your teen and important for you to hear about theirs too.  This might be the only place you find something you can agree on!  Teens spend a lot of time thinking about what is wrong with themselves, their parents, how hard life is or how cruel the world is.  Creating a family life list with everyone will get them thinking about all of the things there are to look forward to – it can give them a sense of hope while also giving you a chance to learn more about each other.


* Set a goal of having a 101 things committed to paper before your family member gets home

* Google other life lists and get some ideas

* Give everyone a chance to contribute to it and post it up where people can add to it any time

* Read out the list together once a month and see if anything has been accomplished or if there are changes to make

* Ask your absent family member to send or tell you about some of their hopes and dreams

* Have a mix of easy to accomplish and challenging so that everyone will feel a sense of accomplishment

* Take a picture each time one thing is a accomplished and make it into a poster, bulletin board, wall of dreams, etc.

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One Response

  1. ooooh I like this tip!

    Haha! “Have a building named after me” – I am not sure I would have much chance at that one!

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