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Readers Tip #6

Using What I Had – Readers Tip #6

I had been reading your blog for awhile and I thought a lot about one of your earlier tips about using what was around you – resource centres, activity centres, library, etc.  I really had no idea what was available to us.  I had a route I took the kids to school and one that got me to work and I was bitter about having to live somewhere new again so I really didn’t do much else.  I didn’t want to look for the good things that were around as I was too busy looking for the bad.

I want to suggest that this week each reader sits down on the computer with a pad and paper and goes searching for all of the things that are in your area.  We did this as a family.  My kids would call out ideas of things that they wanted to do and I would search them on Google writing the activity or idea and our town (For example, paintball Kingston).  We made a LONG list, put down prices too (this kept them realistic and setting goals) and then made a plan of when we could do some of them.  It really got us focussed on doing things that we want to do rather complaining about all the things we can’t because my husband is away and we are in a new town that we didn’t know.

Kayley – Kingston, ON

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