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More Tips for Military Families with Teens # 18

Video Diary – Tip #18

If you are anything like me, teens know more than I do when it comes to technology and never miss an opportunity to demonstrate they know more than you do.  This means that a video family diary may be the perfect way to record your time apart and get the entire family involved.  It can then be uploaded onto a site (ensure there are privacy settings) and your absent family member will not only hear about changes but be able to see them too!


* Borrow or purchase an easy to use camera that everyone in your family can operate

* Put it in a high traffic area so that you don’t forget to use it

* Make rules around up loading videos such as you see everything BEFORE it is sent out or posted somewhere

* Ensure that you have enabled maximum privacy settings BEFORE uploading or sending any videos

* Avoid talking about where your spouse is or details about where you live

* Make sure everyone takes turns operating the camera so that one family member isn’t missed

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