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Megan Recommends – Some Things Are Scary

Book of the Week –

Some Things Are Scary (No Matter How Old You Are)

By: Florence Parry Heide

This book looks at what you are afraid of and adds some funny ones too.  It reminds kids that there are a lot of things that people find scary – whether they are old or young and that fears are a natural part of being human.

Some things that are scary…  Smelling a flower and finding a bee was smelling it first, Thinking you’re not going to be pciked for either side, Skating downhill when you haven’t learned how to stop, etc.

A fun activity to do with your class or group would be to have each of them identify and then write a draw their own page for their own book of “Some Things Are Scary”.  This will give everyone a better sense that they are not the only ones that have fears and that being scared is a natural, human emotion.  If you are running a deployment support group you could create a book, “Some things about Deployment are Scary” and each child could complete a page.  If you are a parent, read the book to your children and then talk about a couple of your fears and ask them to share some of theirs.

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