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More Tips For Military Families #32

Memory Box – Tip #32

A memory box is a great way for your children to be able to reconnect with an absent parent, brother, sister or relative when they return and record moments easily throughout the deployment.  It is something that you can do together or let them do it quietly on their own.   Have them decorate it and encourage them to put in ticket stubs, reports, a shell or rock they find, photos, awards, notes, etc.  When your family member returns they can quietly sit down together and go through some of the items.


* Use a shoe box or buy one from the store about the same size (too small they won’t be able to put much into it and too big and there will end up being way too much that they can’t remember why it is in there)

* Make it a part of a weekly routine

* Have a night where you decorate the box with whatever they like (you could make one for yourself too)

* Remind younger family members that anything with an expiry date can’t go in there

* Take picutres of things that are too big or will decompose before they return

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