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Readers Tip #5

Make Reading a Routine – Readers Tip #5

Believe it or not, our family have read each of the books that you have recommended and my kids have loved them.  We have made reading a part of our nightly routine.  It is the time when I don’t answer the phone, door, etc. and just spend time unwinding with them and a good book.  The books aren’t all directed to military families but all apply to our needs and every day lives.  We have been able to really talk before going to bed.  My kids are telling me their opinions about bullying, being themselves, taking risks, etc.  It has definitely brought us closer and been able to have them talk about things that might not come up otherwise!  It is now the time in the day I most look forward to.

My advice is to find a comfortable place in the house where everyone can snuggle up, have your kids take turns choosing from a pile you made (we get ours from the library, on line or borrowing from the school), and don’t let anything interrupt this time.  I think one of the best things I was able to say to our kids, when the phone was ringing was, “This time together is more important, if it is urgent they’ll call back”.  My husband is deployed at the moment so we have a set time we do this and I emailed him to tell him not to call for these 20mins.  If he has no choice, he is going to call – let it ring twice, hang up and call again.  My husband has also gotten in on it and talks to them about the books they are reading when he calls!

Sam – Fort Jackson, South Carolina

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