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More Tips for Military Families with Teens – #64

Volunteer – Tip #64

I still continue to maintain that teens are quite self-centered, by nature.  They often are caught up in the daily dramas in their immediate circle of friends or lives.  Volunteering and getting out into the community to do something for others is a great way for your teen to step outside themselves, learn about other people and get a sense of purpose and worth.


* Call your local MFRC, Family Readiness Centre or local community centre and find out if there are volunteer opportunities for your teen to help younger children going through deployments or absences.

* Talk to your teen about what you think they’re strengths are and make a list of jobs that those skills would be helpful or needed

* Make volunteering as easy as possible by organizing transportation to and from the place

* Call the local Big Sisters/Brothers organization and see if there are things that your child can volunteer with

* Go together and help out at the local food bank

It is more about giving your teen a sense of self worth, purpose and getting them to meet a wide variety of people that may have some shared experiences.  Being in a military household can be stressful, at the best of times, and this is another way to get their mind off absences, moving, deployments, reunions, etc.

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