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Megan Recommends – Who Is Melvin Bubble?

Book Recommendation of the Week –

Who is Melvin Bubble?  By: Nick Bruel

Students are often searching for who they are and spend a lot of time wondering about what other people think of them.  Due to the fact that military children are often moving, friends are moving and parents are absent, this would be a good book to use to get them thinking about real and imaginary influences in their life and how they think people see and feel about them.

In this book is about a boy named Melvin and all of the characters in his life and how they see him. Each page of the book is giving further insights into who Melvin is through the eyes of others (his father, mother best friend, dog, teddy bear, Santa Claus, etc.).  They see him as a prince, sweet, cool, messy, smart, handsome and popular.

I would recommend reading this book to a group of children and then have them partner up and each of them has to write, “Who is __________”.   If you were doing this in a classroom the students could go around asking for adjectives and then draw a picture of their partner and add all of words that other people gave them.  Each one could then be posted up for others to see.  If you were running a deployment group you may want to change the heading to be, “Who is _____________ when _____________ is away”.

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