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More Tips for the Tips for Families – #100

Praise Yourself – #100

When I put this down as a tip in my first book it was hypocritical as I didn’t do it!  It wasn’t until I was doing the final edit that I realized if I was going to go and publish this book and speak about it, it would be best to live it!

Giving myself praise isn’t easy.  I have always found it easier to focus on the things that I am doing wrong rather than the things I am successful at – as, I think, so many of us do.  I feel conceited or vain when I pay myself a compliment and don’t take them from others very well by often brushing off my achievements as nothing.  The practice of praising myself every morning has really helped me.  I think that not only have I been easier on myself, I have also been more accepting of others too.  I am more positive throughout the day and am, more than ever, in the habit of looking at the bright side of everything.  This is something that has come in handy when my husband is away, my kids are throwing up and the sink is leaking.  I woke up today and said “You handled it really well yesterday.  You were good at being calm and taking care of vomitting children.  It could have been a lot worse if you had chosen to cry, freak out and complain to anyone that would listen.”


* Don’t get out of bed until you have praised yourself

* Make sure that it is not empty praise – you should be able to explain your compliment

* Make a list of praises that you have given yourself to read when you need a boost

* Take the time to acknowledge the compliments and praise that others give you and don’t brush it off

* Use daily affirmation or positive thinking  books for good ideas (Louise Hay writes a good one called “Daily Positive Thinking”)

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