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More Tips for the Tips – #96

Plan A Vacaction – #96

Vacations don’t have to put you in debt or be in exotic locations.  Take regular vacations from your day to day life.  Military life is tough, at the best of times.  If you aren’t experiencing deployments, training, courses, parades, moves, etc. then you are about to get ready for one.  Make sure you are taking time for yourself and that you have things to look forward to.


* Know your budget limitations

* Have a vacation in your home by having the kids go on a sleep over, ordering in food for a weekend, no phones, computer or anything that feels like work

* Include your entire family by giving everyone the challenge of planning the ideal vacation within your budget and then everyone can vote on the best one

* Make sure you have all of the appropriate documentation to travel before committing to anything (passports, permission to travel, confirmed leave dates, etc.)

* Before inviting anyone, other than immediate family, check with your family first (you want it to feel like a vacation for everyone!)

* Make a savings plan with your family for your vacation – if you are wanting to take a vacation when your family member returns from a deployment then perhaps you can have a large change jar and everyone puts in some each week (we use a wine carboy)

* Have your bank open up a savings account and they automatically take a set amount out of one account (each month) and put it in your savings – you will notice it less and then it is there and ready to use when you want a vacation

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