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More Tips for Military Families with Teens – #38

Cards – #38

While teens are definitely submersed in the electronic age, they are not immune to getting a personal card or thoughtful message the old fashioned way.  It is a great way of letting them know they are appreciated, loved, cared for, thought of, etc.  If a family member is deployed, it would be helpful (before leaving) for them to write a few cards for different occassions in advance.  I am not talking about Christmas or birthdays,  there are life events that alter the way they think and feel about themselves and they will be looking for re-assurance and comfort that isn’t always readily available if family is absent or deployed.    These are cards for when they have just achieved something fabulous, struggling with the family being away, friend trouble, school problems, boyfriend/girlfriend woes or just when it has been a long time and you want them to know they aren’t far from your thoughts.

Card Suggestions:

* Congratuations We’re Half Way

* You Did It – for something they were striving for before you even left

* School worries or stress

* Friend drama

* Sister/Brother conflicts

* Boyfriend/Girlfriend trouble

* You Are Never Far From My Thoughts…

* I Miss You Because…

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