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Reader’s Tip #3

Ring Tones – Reader’s Tip #3

When my boyfriend is deployed or on course there were often times when I missed his calls on my cell.  I would be in a meeting or doing something and just not make a huge effort to get the phone thinking that it would not be my boyfriend and I would just call whoever it was back later.  There were also times when I just didn’t get to it on time (desperately trying to get it out of my purse).   That is when I got the idea to give him a seperate ring tone if he is calling from his cell and another ring for all numbers that do not have any ID (he often has to call from an unidentified phone line).  This way I was always knew it was him and would just explain to people I was with and people were always really understanding.  Those phone calls are a lifeline and when I miss one I was always really down as I never know when I am getting another.  We also did the same thing with my parents home phone and their cell phones.  We also made the rule that he should always call back immediately so that if there was a problem with getting to the phone this gives me more time.  Now we rarely miss calls.

Melanie –  Fort Bliss, Texas

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