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Top Ten Movies for Military Families

Movie Recommendations for a Family Movie Night

These are movies that I believe have a good message or will be uplifting to your family when you are experiencing an absence, deployement or just dealing with the daily stress of military life with kids.  Everyone needs a break from reality and sometimes a movie can give your children the message better than you can.

1. Shrek – all of them!  They are great movies about accepting people just the way they are.

2. Charlotte’s Web – A movie about an unusual friendship and the things you can accomplish with determination and when someone believes in you.

3.  Freaky Friday – A great movie to demonstrate that the grass is not greener and that everyone has challenges, they are just different.

4. Never Been Kissed (teens) – It is about a girl who has unhappy high school memories and gets an opportunity to go back.

5. Rudy (pre-teen, teen)  – The story of a boy that doesn’t have the typical physic of a football player but wants to play anyway

6. Miracle  (pre-teen, teen) – A movie about working as a team, loss and triumph

7. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (pre-teen, teen) – The books are also great!  A story about 4 friends, their differences and how friendship doesn’t have to mean you all like and do the same things

8. Bend it Like Beckham (teen) – The story of a girl that struggles to distinguish between what her parents beliefs and dreams are for her and what her own are for herself

9. Tuck Everlasting – A movie about choices and the consequences of those choices.  It asks the question – “What if you could live forever?”

10. Thirteen (teens) – This is a movie that all parents should watch with their teens as it shows how quickly your child can be pressured by peers and the consequences that come with caving to the desire to be accepted and fit in.  Just a warning that you will not be uplifted by this movie but you will get a reality check.

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