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More Tips for Military Families: When They’re Back – Tip #13

What to Write – Tip #13

Posting a list on the fridge of things you can write about via email or notes you can put into a package is helpful for everyone in the family.  There are things that happen each day that slip by and might be important to your family member to hear about – if you don’t write and tell him/her about them they’ll never know.  Getting messages from home is important as it is another way of connecting as a family and will make your reunion much easier.  You can also keep a copy of all of the emails back and forth, print them out and make them into a book for your entire family to look through when your family member returns.  It is a great way of looking at your journey together and connecting back with each other.

Writing Suggestions:

* Write about the worst and best part of your week

* Write about the toughest thing and easiest thing that you have had to deal with since they left

* Write about the things that they are most looking forward to in the next couple of weeks, months or next year

* Write about all the ways that you miss them and then add a few that you don’t miss…  (toilet seat up, phone always ringing, etc)

* Write about the most annoying things that happened to you in a day

* Write about changes that have been happening around the base, at work, in your house, in your neighbourhood

* Write about the way you are changing and the things you think you are learning about yourself through the absence

When people put their thoughts to paper there is an additional step of processing that takes place.  People are able to really think about how they are feeling and reflect on it.  In turn, this is helpful for the absent family member as they are able to read what your thoughts and feelings are and process these in their own time without having to give immediate responses. I cannot emphasize enough how important the process of writing (in a journal, through email, or scrapbook) is when working through an absence, challenging time in your life or a reunion.

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