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Tips for Military Families – Tip #129

Basic Information – Tip #129

Using simple sheet like the one below will help get conversation started and give your children some basic information that they need during any absence or deployment.  This sheet is in all of our deployment journals. Complete this sheet or make your own, before your family member leaves so that everyone is clear about what information has been given to everyone.

If you are creating a sheet of your own be sure to include information about emergency contacts, your work and other contact numbers, your family member’s contact information (email address, address, how you get urgent information to him/her), contact information of neighbours, relatives, friends, etc.

For fun your family member could make a list of the things that he/she wants to you to write about and hear all about while they are away (report cards, fun days out together, annoying things that are happening, activities or clubs you are a part of, plays or bands that you are in, books you are reading, your favourite internet sites, newest game from the gaming system, best day, worst day, etc.)

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