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Megan Recommends for Teens – Jake Reinvented

Megan Recommends for Teens:

Jake Reinvented by Gordon Korman

Jake Reinvented tells the story of a boy (Jake) that changes schools to completely reinvent himself.  He is motivated by the strong feelings that he has for Didi (a beautiful, popular, partying loving, girl).  What he discovers is that there are parts of yourself that you shouldn’t change for anyone and that real and lasting acceptance and friendship cannot be made when you aren’t who you say you are.  It is a great book for military teens as they are often moving and at each school attempt to fit in and be things and people that they are not.

Jake discovers that while being considered a “nobody” or a “nerd” had its’ challenges,  that popularity comes with its own price too.  This book addresses everything from popularity, friendship, dishonesty, lies, partying, drinking and the things he was willing to do to feel ‘accepted’.

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