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More tips for Military Families #128

Hosting – Tip #128

When hosting a gathering there are some things to consider that will save you time and reduce your stress levels.  Whether your family member is away or just back people are going to want to visit and you are going to want to see them but not at the expense of your sanity!


* Set arrival and departure times right in the invitation so that people are aware that there is a time you need them to leave by

* Ask people to bring a dessert, salad or appetizer OR let them know that you are ordering in to make life easier

* If the weather is co-operating, have a picnic at the park park for everyone and then you don’t end up having a house that is a complete disaster zone that you have to spend hours cleaning up later

* Assign everyone in your family a job, well in advance of everyone arriving, so that your family members can’t say they didn’t know what was expected of them or try to get out of by saying they had other plans

* Designate some rooms as “No Go” areas so you don’t have to clean the entire house when everyone has left

* Think about what committments you have the next day and chose a time for people to come over that isn’t going to wear you out in the days to come

* Use paper plates that can be recycled (guilt free)

* Ask a friend to come over and help you out in the kitchen with the offer that you’ll do the same for her for one of his/her events

* Make it buffet style so that you aren’t running around and serving everyone

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