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Tips for Military Teens #117

Life Boards – Tip #117

* Life boards are a great way to get teens not only thinking about themselves in a positive way but also committing it to paper.  It is much harder to think that you are all alone in the world or worthless when your worth and happiness are laid out before you. *

If you could put your life onto one page what would it look like?  You are going to create a board all about you!  Use as many different materials as you can to make it visually appealing.

What are the things that interest you? What gets you up in the morning, makes you laugh, makes you cry or makes you want to vomit?  Who are the people that love and support you?  What books, movies, music or TV shows do you like?  What character do you most like?  What is your favourite quote?  What or who gives you inspiration?  What words describe you?  Who are your friends?  What are your talents?  What do you wish people knew about you?  What are your fears, worries or dislikes?  What makes you happy?

Think about your accomplishments and honour yourself on this board.  Your life should be represented completely (home, family, school, extra curricular, dreams, goals, friends, etc.).

Life Board Rubric


1 2 3 4
Organized ideas clearly and in visually appealing manner -with assistance 


-in mechanical and sequential way with some assistance -appropriately and logically -appropriately and in complex and logical way 


Used a variety of materials to create imagery – Incomplete – Some materials used – A variety of materials used -An extensive use of effective materials
Uses and spells words correctly -limited -some of the time -usually -always
Detailed and Informative – Limited 

4 – 8  details

– Some details 

9 – 12  details

– Detailed 

12 – 16 details

– Super attention to detail 

16+ details

Effort Minimal Some Apparent Beyond Expectations




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