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Tip # 127 For Military Families

Mornings – Tip #127

There will be weekends that you will want to lay in bed and just get a little extra rest that you missed out on all week – as you were doing the job of two people while you family member is away.  Make a Saturday or Sunday morning a routine that your kids look forward to and can do independently.  Have things prepared before you go to bed so that they have no reason to fully wake you and get you out of bed.  This will give them a sense of confidence and independence and you some extra precious moments of rest.


* Put out muffins, bananas or a box of cereal and bowls so that they can make themselves breakfast

* Leave some new colouring sheets out on the counter, you can print out some from the internet (www.colouringbookfun.com).  They could then be sent to your absent family member

* Instead of having a movie night have one rented for the morning

* Do not let your children surf the internet – you are not there to supervise them

* Put a few of their favourite books beside their bed

* Put a rotating photo frame by their bed with at least 50 photos of all of you together so that they wake up to it and can lay quietly looking at them

* Create a treasure hunt with clues all over the house to keep them busy

* Make the number one rule that if they have any questions or concerns that they don’t hesitate to wake you and that you will never be angry

* Once they wake up, set an alarm for 15 – 30mins later so that you don’t fall back to sleep and they end up getting into a bunch of mischief that takes years off your life

** I would recommend this for children that are at least 8yrs of age **

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