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More Tips for When They’re Back – Tip #71


Your family member is coming home with another mindset and it is important you have an understanding of this so that you can work together to make the re-integration a success.

B = Buddies – Their fellow soldiers and buddies are the only ones that can understand

A = Accountability – Difficulty giving up a strict chain of command and control over even minor things

T = Targeted Aggression – In dangerous situations you need to be constantly aware of targets – kill or be killed mindset

T = Tactical Awareness – Feeling like you always have to be on guard and excessively concerned about safety

L = Locked and Loaded – May feel vunerable without a weapon as they have had one to go everywhere and do everything

E = Emotional Control – In a war zone expressing emotion is discouraged and mental toughness is necessary

M = Mission Secretiveness – You only talk about the mission with a need to know mind frame

I = Individual Responsibility – May feel responsible for the things they did or didn’t do during the mission, idea that you handle things on your own

N = Non-Defensive Driving – In war, the driving was full speed ahead, unpredictable and stressful which can mean they come home with aggressive driving habits

D = Discipline – Rigid discipline is necessary in war zones (there is no room for flexibility)

This has been adapted for military families.  For more information about Colonel Carl Casto’s BATTLEMIND go to: http://www.battlemind.org

For more information about our tips, blogs, books or resources go to: http://www.whileyouwereaway.org

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  1. Wow. It must be such a huge transition from being deployed to being home.

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