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Reader’s Tip #2

Scavenger Hunts for Teens – Reader’s Tip #2

When you are in a small town or posted somewhere there isn’t a lot to do I would recommend a Teen Scavenger hunt.  We have been doing these with our children for their birthdays for several years.  The idea is to get them out of the house, challenging themselves to look foolish, learning to ask for help, find things independently, and find fun where they thought there wasn’t much.  Below is one of our lists although there were over 40 items and it usually takes about 1 – 2 hours.  While they are scavenging around the mall we are having a coffee and relaxing.

3rd Annual Mall Scavenger Hunt

1.)   What is the price of the solitaire ring in Birks window?

2.)   What colour ornaments are on the 3rd floor Christmas tree?

3.)   Name the four eyeshadows in the Rachel Glee set in Claire’s.

4.)   One team member put on Santa hat, and other member put on Reindeer mask in Claire’s and have a staff member take a photo of you two together.

5.)   Name the three varieties of men’s boxed underwear in Banana Republic.

6.)   What is the name of the escalator company?

7.)   One team member must record other team member getting hand treatment from Dead Sea.

8.)  At the Flurries kiosk, one member must put on earmuffs to match the sheep and have other team member take a picture of her beside the sheep.

9.)  How much is the most expensive pair of sunglasses at Sunglass Hut? What brand?

10.) Name two kinds of tarantula at Pet World? What are they and what is the price?

11.) Go into Showcase (As seen on t.v. Store) and one member of team must punch Mmatt in the face. Take picture.

12.) Both members of team must ask for light sabres at Showcase, and have a light sabre fight. Have an employee pick the winner and sign right here on your scavenger hunt sheet.    Sign here:_________________________________________

13.)  At Calendar kiosk, find full size Robert Pattinson calendar. In which months is he wearing sunglasses in his picture?

14.) In West 49, what does “VZ” stand for?

15.) At Candy machines on second floor, buy two gumballs, and one partner will chew them and blow biggest bubble possible. Other team member takes a picture.

16.)  In Build a Bear (Santa’s Workshop), name the 5 different hockey teams on the bears’ outfits.

17.)  In the Gap on the second floor, have one team member sneak into front window display area and other team member will take a picture of her standing beside male mannequin with hat and scarf.

18.)  At Booster Juice, what ingredients are in the Pineapple Freeze?

19.)  How much does it cost to get extra frosting at Cinnabon?

20.)  One team member must put on scarf and hat and pose for picture with male staff  member in Aeropostale.

21.)  One member of team must try on swim goggles at Sports Experts and do a swim pose.   Other member take photo.

22.)  One team member must ride the third floor child’s train, and be videotaped by other member saying “choo choo”.

23.) What are the three styles of men’s t-shirt in  Old Navy?

24.)   In store Garage, you must find the sales clerk who has the “secret word”. Ask each clerk until you find her, and you must write her name in the space below.

Clerk’s name:_________________________________________

25.) One team member must sit on Santa’s lap and ask him for Taylor Lautner for Christmas. Take photo if you are allowed.

*Meet us back at HMV at end of Scavenger Hunt (call our cell phone)

Tip From: Shellie M., Canada

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