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More Tips for Military Families With Teens # 32

Hobbies – #32

Your teen may hear the word hobby and think of stamp collecting or quilt making.  I believe that most teens today consider hobbies to be for old people or a thing of the past.  You may consider me old-fashioned but I think that there is a lot of value in doing something with your teen once a week and having an interest that goes beyond the mall, Facebook or video games.  I believe that all teens have a ton of creative potential that is wasted or never discovered and this is where a parent’s golden opportunity comes in…  Get your teen involved in something that allows them to express their creativity, discover a world beyond the end of their nose and gives them an opportunity to connect with you in an non-disciplinarian way.  When you live in a military household change is second nature but they should always have some interests and something consistent to look forward to that is always there for them to pick up, do or try.

Hobby Suggestions:

* Raising money for a cause

* Running a marathon

* Pottery or painting

* Learning a new sport

* Horseback riding

* Cooking course or take a recipe book and cook every recipe

* Photography

* Rock climbing

* Paintball

* Wood working

* Graphic Design

I would encourage you to just let your teen choose whatever it is that they are interested in and join in.  It is not really about what you are doing but the time you are spending together and the time that is not spent thinking about and doing things that will bring no real value or sense of self-worth to their lives.  So, the idea of being chased around with a paint ball gun in protective gear may terrify you but what should terrify you more is the idea that drinking, drugs or sex will become their hobby instead.

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