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Top 10 Things To Do While They’re Away

Top Ten Things to Do While They Are Away

1) Write in a journal

2) Take a photo (at least one) every day

3) Make packages to send with your family

4) Track the grow spurts of your family

5) Make a memory box

6) Take a class or learn a new skill to surprise them with

7) Read the same book, blog or magazine at the same time

8) Get a make over

9) Go on a relaxing weekend with friends or family members

10) Volunteer your time with an organization you believe in

** For more ideas about what to do during deployment go to our website for our free download of the Deployment Handbook or buy our book “101 Tips for Families Experiencing Absence or Deployments”!!!  🙂

For more information about our books, blogs, resources and activities go to: http://www.whileyouwereaway.org

To submit a tip of your own go to: Megan@whileyouwereaway.org


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