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More Tips For Military Families – #76

Tip #76 – Map Their Journey

When working with different age groups of students around deployment, I am always shocked by how little they understand about where their family member is in the world.  Sometimes just talking about where they are, what they are experiencing, how long it takes to get there, some stops they may have made along the way can help them to feel more connected and involved in the deployment.  Students of all ages get a better sense of what their parent or family member is experiencing and find comfort in this.  Just having a map and being able to visually understand the time and distance is helpful.  I would encourage teachers, parents, deployment support workers and resource centres to get maps of the world and let students mark their family member’s journey.

It is one thing to talk about where a family member has gone but it should be demystified by actually showing your family where they are.  To extend their learning you can also talk about currency, foods, cultural differences, etc.

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