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More Tips for the Tips for Military Families #121

Tip # 121 – Put It Into Practice!

As my husband gets ready to leave for Afghanistan (for a short time) I have realized that I need to take my own advice!  I think it is important to practice what you are preeching.  If you are going to tell your kids to think positively or smile regularly or look on the bright side it is essential that you do the same!

I have begun to talk to my kids about their Dad going away, the While You Are Away jar is out, I am heading out to Costco on Friday and have let my children’s school, my work, colleagues and friends that my husband is away.  We have organized a family dinner, dusted off the best books to read before the deployment, taken some photos and I am getting them printed,  I have made some fun plans of things to do in the immediate future and begun to talk about longer term goals.  I truly believe that doing all of these things will make the absence easier but it isn’t going to stop any of us from having moments of sadness and worry.  Of course I will let my children know that those feelings are there and can’t be ignored but I will also be teaching them about resilency by making the most of everyday, looking at what we have instead of what we don’t and reminding them and myself of our strengths as a family and as individuals.

Military families have an opportunity to learn things about themselves that civilian families don’t always have.  I will be putting my own advice into practice (once again) and reminding myself that, while I would rather have my husband at home, we will learn things about ourselves that we might not have otherwise discovered.

When my husband is away it is hard to look for the cloud with the silver lining but by doing that each and every day, you can strengthen your family, regardless of their ages,  in ways you never imagined possible.

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