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More Tips for the Tips for Military Families – #55

Tip #55 – Night Shirt

Being able to feel some sense of comfort at night is important.  One of the ways to do this is to use an item of clothing like a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt of the absent family members to go to sleep in at night.  I think that this is something that you could do for each member of your immediate family.  Before the family member leaves you could have him/her write, in permanent marker (you could also use fabric markers) messages for them on the shirts so that each night they could read what he/she would have said if they had actually been there.  Part of the bedtime routine each night could be that you ask, “What do you think they’d say right now?” and they would be able to respond with a quote from their night shirt.  You could also use a bedsheet, have it printed onto a blanket, or pillow case.

Suggestions for messages:

* I may be far away but you are always right next to my heart

* Sweet dreams for the sweetest person I know

* You are never far from my thoughts.  Close your eyes and imagine me right beside you.

* You are loved, adored and admired

* Missing you is the hardest part

* You are always in my thoughts

* Live, Love, Dream and Never Forget Who Loves You

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