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More Tips for Military Families with Teens – Tip #55

Tip #55 – Unbirthdays

Keeping your teens on their toes is important especially since they keep you on yours!  There are plenty of things to be glum about and we can always find things to complain about especially when a parent or family member is away or on a deployment.  Reminding your teen to celebrate life and what they do have is important and will help them to gain perspective and remember that life can be fun even when you least expect it.  Surprise your teen(s) with an unbirthday!


* Decorate the house with balloons and streamers

* Make their favourite dinner and have a cake for dessert

* Go out to a movie on a school night

* Have a card to give them telling them why you love them

* Have a card that you can send to the absent family member that everyone signs with a Happy Unbirthday message

* Take a picture of everyone smiling and enjoying the moment and send the picture in an email to family and friends wishing them a Happy Unbirthday

* Make them a special lunch or give them a little money to get something special

* Remember that the purpose of the day is to make them feel special, have fun and get some of your undivided attention

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