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Ten Things To Do Before a Deployment

10 Things To Do Before A Deployment
1) Take pictures
2) Talk to each other about worries and fears
3) Do a walk through your home: talking about shut off valves, fuse box, etc.
4) Make emergency kits for the house – go to http://www.redcross.com to get more information
5) Make a list of contact information for the fridge
6) Organize bill payments
7) Make sure you have all the legal documentation you will need while they are away – ID cards, birth certificates, power of guardianship, powers of attorney, copies of insurance info
8) Complete a calendar of events and make sure you each have a copy
9) Hide notes in their bags/luggage and they should hide notes around the house for you to find when they are gone
10) Make lists of short and long goals for yourself while they are away to keep you busy, learning and doing new things and not always focused on their absence.

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