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More Tips for the Tips #117

Tip #117 – Get Comfortable Being Alone

Have you ever been in a restuarant, coffee shop or at the movies and noticed someone sitting alone and thought how sad that it is that they don’t have anyone to join them?  Don’t feel bad for them, it might be a personal choice!  I ate lunch today, alone, and it was good to be alone.  I am not suggesting that I would enjoy it all the time, in fact, I am certain that I will appreciate the noisy, busy dinners with my family more because I had this quiet one.  I do, however, have to remind myself that spending time with yourself and your thoughts is not a bad thing.  When my husband is away I am often fearful that if I spend time alone I will completely lose it or be beyond miserable and not recover.  It isn’t until that unavoidable moment happens that I realize I am going to be just fine and it is the time by myself that usually allows me to unwind, get extra sleep, read a good book or really think about what is important to me.  I cannot tell you that I love everything about myself but I think spending this time alone every now and again is a good step to learning to accept and like who I am, it is an opportunity to reflect on all the things I have and to take a step back from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the silence!

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