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More Tips for Military Families with Teens #95

Tip #95 – Exceptionalities

All children learn in different ways, at different speeds and are exceptional, however, your child may need additional supports to ensure they learn all that they can at school.  Both my children have already moved schools twice and each time either my husband or I make sure we go in to share all paperwork and information with not only the office staff but also with their teachers.  These lines of communication are important for any family but even more so if your child needs additional supports.


* Keep a file for each child and do not pack it (if you are moving), bring it with you rather than putting it in a box on the truck

* Never give orginal copies and make copies for the office and for each teacher

* Many teens do not understand that if they have a learning disability then they have average or above average intelligence – they think they are dumb.  Make sure they are aware that learning disability means learn differently and not that they are stupid (their words, not mine!)

* Book an appointment to sit down with the staff, your teen and yourself – it will be important that your teen advocate for themselves and understand how they learn and how

* Make sure your teen knows who they should go to if they need help or support

* Work out a plan with the school staff and your teen on how they can communicate discreetly without others always knowing ( if they are sensitive about it)

* Ensure that your teen understands what strategies and supports work best for them so that they ask for them too

* If you do not understand the paperwork, make an appointment for you and your teen to come in to the school and go through it

* With each school your child attends, regardless of their age, you must do all of the above each time

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