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Preview of “101 Tips for Troops” #2

Preview of 101 Tips for Troops

Tip # 2 – “Emergency” Kits

Before you go away, make someone in your family, a loved one or friend a special emergency kit.  This kit isn’t about preparing for floods, power failures, snowstorms or for when your car breaks down – it is for when someone in your family is at their lowest, desperately wishing you were there to help, love or support them or just tell them that everything is going to be alright.  This kit is the “Everything is going to be alright kit”.

Kit Content Suggestions:

* Note telling them that you love them

* A magazine or book that they would enjoy

* A body soap or lotion that they like

* Chocolate

* A funny or romantic photo of you

* An old shirt with your cologne or deodrant

* Gift certificate

* CD of their favourite music

* A movie that makes them laugh

* Bottle of wine or something else they like to drink

* IOUs for when you get home

* $25 with a note instructing them to buy something just for them that they normally wouldn’t

* Candles

* Candies or favourite snack food (non-perishable, of course)

* Warm blanket

* A card telling them why they are so important to you or what you are missing about them

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