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Megan Recommends

This is a new part of the blog that I am adding  each week.  Many people write asking what books I read to my kids, students and group participants and what resources I would recommend.  I have decided that each week I should share one of my favourites with you.  Of course, it is a given I love my own books but there are also 100’s of other books that I also believe will help and strengthen your family.

Megan Recommends:

Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson

It is a great book for introducing the idea of change.  There is a version for kids, teens and adults.  It talks specifically about the way different people move through or accept change.  Since, in a military family, there is constant change this would be a great book to read.  The tenants of the book are: Change Happens, Anticipate Change, Monitor Change, Change, Adapt to Change Quickly, Enjoy Change, Get Ready to Change Again.  This analogy is done by using 4 mice that each handle change differently.

I have had teens read the children’s version and then take it to a younger grade and teach it to them.  This activity is very effective as teens have a purpose and are more committed to learning the characters and ideals so that they are able to share their knowledge with younger children and in return, the younger children are much more willing to take it all in and listen to the story and ideas that are presented by the peers that they both admire and are influenced by.

Children’s Book:

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